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Forgiveness of Self~A Healing Key

So often when we go through our process of heart healing, one thing that we may miss is forgiveness of self. We release those that have hurt us. We even forgive God. However, we often forget to forgive ourselves.

The enemy may try to bring shame, guilt, and condemnation to us for holding people captive in unforgiveness. He will hold it over us and speak lies to us regarding the situation even after we have forgiven and released them.

However, Jesus has come to set us totally and completely free. (Galatians 5:1) So shame, guilt, and condemnation have no power over us. It is a lie from the enemy. So when we know that they are lies, we crush those lies with the truth of God's Word and we can walk in freedom.

Scripture declares~And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 ESV

There was a time in my life that I held grudges. If I was wronged I would not forget what you did to hurt me, but when I renewed my relationship with God He showed me that the unforgiveness in my heart was actually slowly killing me. I was dying inside spiritually. Had I not released those grudges against people it eventually would begin to cause sickness in my body. I thank God that He so loves us. Has love for us is freeing.

As I begin to release people from the bondage that I held over them, I began to feel peace. My heart began to feel lighter, but there was still something missing.

It was forgiveness of myself that was still there. That was the key. When we forgive ourselves, we are saying that we know that we are truly forgiven by God. When you believe that God had forgiven us from our sins, we can forgive ourselves. Wholeness can be ours. No more fragmentation.

Each time I would come before God and laid something at His feet, I would receive more freedom. His love would cover me. To know your Savior in this manner is so freeing. It is in this freedom that all lies of the enemy fall. This is gaining true intimacy. Trusting your heart with the Father. Total surrender at His feet is the place of release

Reflection~Are you holding on to unforgiveness?

Have you forgiven God?

Have you forgiven yourself?

Prayer~Father God, we come to you humbled. We seek you with all our heart. We surrender all to you Lord. We have lived for a long time holding ourselves captive in shame, guilt and condemnation. We know that you haveforgiven us and because you have forgiven us we forgive ourselves. We receive your love. We allow you to cover us in you blood that cleanses and purifies us. We are no longer held captive to the lies of the enemy. Freedom is ours. Chains broken!!! We are free in you!!!

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