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Receive the Oil of Joy

Do you carry joy? When people see you what do they see? May I be transparent, when people see me they see the joy of the Lord, but I am so glad I don’t look like I been through. Betrayal, abandonment, rape, rejection, false accusation, and the list can go on and on. However, thanks be to God that always cause us to triumph!!! If you look at your circumstances, it can be very difficult to have the joy. That is why we must focus on the solution and not the problem. Our joy is found in Jesus!!! As believers, we carry His presence. So guess what?  You are a JOY CARRIER!! 

Psalm 45;7 declares, "Because you love righteousness and hate wickedness, therefore God, your God has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy." 

POWERFUL, right!! God sees your struggles and He will set you apart. Why? Because in spite of the chaos all around, you are still carrying Him and you are showing and sharing His love. 

Why wouldn't this awesome Father, not bless His children with Joy in the midst of the "Crazy?" He blankets you in His Joy and His Love. Receive It Now!!! Allow His His Joy to cause a praise to bubble up from your belly!! When you begin to praise Him in the midst of the storm..Breakthrough is your portion!! Receive the Oil of Joy!!! RECEIVE IT!!

Prayer~Father, we thank you that you have given us the oil of JOY!!! Lord, we can come to you vulnerable and give you our hurt and pain. You oh Lord will take that pain and exchange it for Joy. Lord, we thank you. You care about us and we bless you Jesus. You comfort us and you protect us and we bless your Holy Name. In Jesus Name Amen. 

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